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Bluestone Homes is founded on the principle of creating exceptional homes for people just like you. We are a locally owned Fort Collins based builder that is just the right size to provide personal attention to you through the entire building process. You can choose one of our standard plans,  or we will create a custom home just for you in any of our neighborhoods. Any of our plans can be modified to suit your needs. Our customer service is top notch,  we want to exceed our clients expectations through the entire building process,  and have them come back time and again.

Bluestone Homes promotes sustainable building practices to construct healthy,  energy-efficient, environmentally conscious homes. Our focus is to create homes of exceptional design and craftsmanship that are both affordable and functional,  creating long term value.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. This credo manifests itself in the products that are selected and used in the homes to be durable and long lasting. This also plays into who we choose as partners to build our homes. Our preference is to use smaller locally owned subcontractors and suppliers where the owners are involved in the construction as well. This provides the best quality,  value,  and service.



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